CED Conference 2010

A Community Economic Development (CED) conference that was heralded as a landmark event for the community sector in New Zealand was held in Waitakere in February 2010. The conference was an outstanding success, with over 300 delegates and 50 presenters from UK to Canada to Australia to Aotearoa making presentations about social enterprise, social finance, developing community assets and how profits can be utilised for community benefit.

Appreciation and positive feedback flowed in from delegates post-conference – and there was an overwhelming sense that attendees, from both community organisations and councils, left the conference feeling inspired and empowered. A fire was ignited over the two days of the CED conference and in the following months conference organisers have been working with leaders in this emergent sector to fan that flame to ensure that the embers continue to glow and empower our communities well into the future.

A mantra that emerged from this inspiring conference was:
“Community enterprise for viability: community asset ownership for sustainability”
Asset development and transfer was one of the more challenging subjects that emerged at the conference.


A selection of speaker videos from the 2010 conference