CED Bulletin: June 2013

On June 4, 2013

Hello CED practitioners and supporters, As we move into the chillier months, the CED and social enterprise scene continues to warm up. Here are some of the exciting happenings in this fast growing space… Register now for the Social Enterprise Institute course in Auckland Are you interested in diversifying your organisation’s funding base and becoming [...]

CED Bulletin – June 2012

On June 16, 2012

Hello CED practitioners and supporters, The momentum continues to grow – there are a number of exciting events that explore social enterprise being held in Auckland and Wellington over the next couple of months. See events section at the end of this bulletin for more information.   Disability Social Enterprise on TV I was heartened [...]

CED Bulletin – May 2012

On May 9, 2012

Hello CED practitioners and supporters, Over the last month it has been heating up on the social enterprise and social innovation front. It’s great to see that organisations from various sectors are bringing inspirational international speakers to our shores. They include… The New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services brought Nic Francis, leading UK social [...]

CED Bulletin – March 2012

On March 7, 2012

Hello CED practitioners and supporters, When I was working in Scotland, I attended a DTA Scotland conference where I was very inspired by a presentation from social enterprise practitioner, Peter Holbrook, who was at that stage, CEO of the Sunlight Development Trust. Sunlight is viewed as a successful, community led, cutting edge social enterprise in [...]

CED Bulletin – February 2012

On February 3, 2012

Hello CED practitioners and supporters, No-one can predict how the global economic crisis will pan out in New Zealand, but what seems certain is that the most vulnerable in our communities will be feeling the brunt of it for a long time to come. What also seems certain is that the resourcefulness of our sector [...]

CED Bulletin – November 2011

On November 11, 2011

Hello CED practitioners and supporters A recent visit from US social financier, Clara Miller, helped us to understand why it is so challenging to gain investment for change and development in our sector. The points that she made and the conversations that ensued were very relevant for us right now. Thanks to Philanthropy New Zealand [...]

CED Bulletin – September 2011

On October 3, 2011

Sorry folks … that CED communications have been rather intermittent of late. Whilst the passion and commitment to continue this work from a small core of people on the CED Trust continues, investment in the work has not. So ….at present, the CED work is being kept afloat through the voluntary efforts of trustees. My [...]

CED Bulletin – July 2011

On July 20, 2011

Hello Community Economic Development practitioners and supporters, It’s so great to be home! I am just back from a trip to the UK –visiting colleagues I worked with during my time spent working in the social enterprise sector over there. It is interesting to see how the CED agenda has moved forward in the UK [...]

CED Bulletin – May 2011

On May 9, 2011

Hello community economic developers and supporters, Today is my last day at work in New Zealand – before I head off to the UK for a break that is part holiday, part opportunity to talk to social economy sector people over there – and soak up some of their accumulated experience and wisdom. The last [...]

CED Bulletin – March 2011

On March 11, 2011

Hello community economic developers and supporters, I agree with the concept that has been coming through from a range of sources that people are currently divided into two groups: those who are determined to hang on to “business as usual’ – that is, an economic paradigm based on unlimited growth that has led to environmental [...]