Dominic Foote

Dominic has been actively involved in housing since the mid 1980’s. He currently works for the New Zealand Housing Foundation, which is a more than profit charitable housing trust.

The Housing Foundation which was established in 2003 focuses on creating new sustainable integrated neighbourhoods through the supply of new social and affordable housing, and by mixing household tenure and incomes support the creation of strong and healthy communities. The Housing Foundation acts as a catalyst and enabler, we aim to remain action focused, ensuring our concepts and ideas are demonstrated in the delivery of real projects.

Dominic has worked across the housing spectrum in the UK and New Zealand. In the UK he worked in the private and not for profit housing sectors, including as Regional Development Manager for a large Housing Association. In New Zealand Dominic has developed and implemented housing strategies and programmes for organisations including HNZC, Waitakere City Council, the ARC and McConnell Property Limited.

Dominic will talk about the Housing Foundation’s home ownership models, including how they work and how they can be used to build the affordable home ownership sector.