Dr Murray Sheard

Murray is currently co-founding The Hub Auckland, a shared workspace for social entrepreneurs, small NGOs and change agents, to provide workspace and resources to better enable their positive social impacts.

Murray lectures in business ethics and environmental ethics at the University of Auckland and is Senior Institutional Integrity Advisor with Tiri, an international non-governmental organization, based in London and Jerusalem that works with governments, business and civil society to find practical solutions to ingrained corruption problems.

Prior to this, Murray was director of ethics consultancy Ethical Edge Ltd, and N.Z. Team Leader of Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor, a development charity focused on Asia’s mega-cities. In his spare time, Murray is a keen gardener and facilitator of the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the dream programme.

His publications have appeared in Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Management, and in the edited collection Philosophy and Climate Change: Transforming Possibilities. Murray is the secretary of the Arab Journal of Public Integrity and Management and the author of Living Simply, a resource for justice-focused lifestyles.