Professor Leo Bartlett

Leo worked pro bono for the first fifteen years of his career (commencing 1961) teaching in nonprofit educational organisations working largely with disadvantaged youth. In 1990 he was appointed Foundation Professor and Dean of Education and Creative Arts at Central Queensland University after which he served as Assistant Vice-Chancellor [Vice President] in the area of community, business and enterprise development until 2002.

During his career in universities in Australia and the UK, Leo has over 150 social science and educational publications in professional journals, learned proceedings, monographs and books. While his most recent major project has involved the practical work of building social enterprises in a nationally recognised program for homeless young people, at the same time he has produced a book on this work at OASIS Homeless Youth Centre called Social Enterprise at OASIS: Mission, Market and Innovation (2010).

Leo has worked among practitioners in a diverse field of community enterprises. He was the Foundation Chair of the peak economic development organisation Rockhampton Enterprise Ltd in Central Queensland. He has been the Australian Council Advisory Member of the Global Universities Network for Social Entrepreneurship (Oxford University, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship). He is a judge in the OIKOS Harvard University International Case Writing competition. Leo is the CEO of a small network called the Australian Institute for Social Entrepreneurship.

Leo has been involved throughout 2009 and 2010 in supporting the establishment of the OASIS National Youth Network. He is currently project manager for the development of the OASIS Network’s enterprise portal [the OASIS Social Market] funded by the Westpac Foundation.