Roger Tweedy

Roger has been working in the Wellington Region since 1977 in many roles all driven by his believe in people and enterprise. He has worked since 2003 at Wellington City Council in the community engagement directorate. Roger started in a dream role as Place-based planner for the Miramar Peninsula in the heart of Wellywood. Roger’s current role has developed more into relationship with the cities small business and social enterprise communities.

Prior to joining council Roger spent 15 years as a freelance social entrepreneur including founding roles in Volunteer Wellington, The NEWORK Centre, and NRG the incubator for young entrepreneurs. He has worked on countless Govt Advisory Groups across Community Development, Enterprise, Careers and Employment. In his current role he has assisted in the development Enterprise Miramar Peninsula in becoming a key partner with WCC.

Roger was involved in the former Australasian Social Enterprise Network (SEN as Wellington Coordinator and is a major player in the development of a Wellington CED Network. He is also currently an NZ Executive Member of the International Assn of Public Participation (IAP2)