Sue Higgins

Sue Higgins is the General Manager of AuSM @ AUT. AuSM is the compulsory student association at AUT University, an incorporated society and a registered charity. AuSM has a permanent staff base of 20 and delivers services such as representation, advocacy. welfare and socialisation across 3 campuses.

The membership revenue for AuSM is currently guaranteed as all AUT students become members of AuSM upon enrolment. This seems destined to change due to legislation before Parliament. In her 28 years in the sector Sue has seen legislative tinkering having unfortunate consequences to the viability of student associations.

Sue has been challenged to change AuSM’s funding model into a sustainable one whilst remaining true to the student association ethos – the fine art of preserving the soul of the organisation when now faced with the economic reality of having to diversify revenue streams and satisfy other stakeholders.

Sue has a Graduate Diploma in Not for Profit Management.