Sully Paea

Sully is widely recognised in Otara and Manukau as a man of vision. He has, as his focus, the wellbeing of youth and their families in Otara. He is a practical, down to earth man and many of his projects are born from simple but effective ideas. They work because Sully knows and loves his community.

Sully is keen to combine Crosspower’s many community programmes with an economic development focus which is demonstrated through a number of enterprise projects. The aim is to train youth and make them work ready, create small businesses and become self sufficient.

Crosspower is doing this through its Kakapo woodcraft project which provides planter boxes to eight Kings Plant Barns. In the past we had the Longrider Fibreglass Studio and the Positive Iron Gym. Crosspower also has a small vehicle workshop and a screenprinting studio.

These business units help to financially support the important community projects and are a key part of Crosspower’s self-sustainability plan. “if there are no jobs, then lets create jobs” – Sully Paea